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Ways To Keep Cool In Your Simpsonville, South Carolina Home

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simpsonville-air-conditioningWhen air temperatures rise here in the Simpsonville, South Carolina area, it’s important to realize that your home’s cooling system accounts for about half of your energy bill. A Simpsonville air conditioning system that isn’t running properly can result in even more extensive energy costs that can send you desperately hunting for ways to save money.

With our higher humidity levels, the climate can make matters seem even worse. High humidity levels make the air in our homes seem even warmer, and can cause problems like mold or algae growth.

We get a lot of sunshine in the southern states of the U.S., and in humid areas the problems with high heat can be worse. It’s not only a risk for your comfort, it can be a risk for your health. But there are ways you can help you home to keep cool during our long, South Carolina summers.

  • Check with your power company to see local advice and tips on getting the most from your home’s energy consumption. You may have available plans that can average out the yearly costs, giving you average costs in months you use less energy as well as months you use more. This leveling of usage can really help during months of extreme heat.
  • Keep an eye on your power usage. Today, many electric power supply companies will offer you usage data for every day of the month you use it. By monitoring your usage, you’ll be able to pinpoint the days you use more energy than normal. For instance, pinpoint the fact that your old dryer is using way more energy than it should by seeing a hike for the days you put it to use. It may be time to replace that old dryer or old water heater.
  • Keep fans on while you’re in the environment and off when you’re not. Fans do a lot to circulate the conditioned air, and they’re wonderful for helping your air conditioning equipment work best. But if you’re gone, be sure to turn them off because they really only cool you more, not your rooms or surfaces.
  • Keep windows from leaking in too much direct sunlight or harmful UV rays. The sun produces UV rays that transfer heat into your home. By blocking this heat, you’re keeping it from your home’s interior climate. Effective ways to block out the heat from your windows include using thermal backed draperies, window replacements with more energy efficient windows, and added window films that can protect up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays.
  • Use exhaust fans to remove heat and humidity control systems to keep it feeling cool. Exhaust fans can be installed in more central locations in your home that will sufficiently and effectively rid the entire home of accumulated heat near the ceiling. Whole home exhaust systems and humidity control units can quickly rid your home of heated air, getting it ready for the air conditioning system to be more effective.

At Stephens Heating & Cooling, there are many ways we can help you save on your energy costs and keep your home comfortable with a great running air conditioning system. Our Simpsonville heating & cooling contractors can install any necessary equipment you may need to keep your home climate just right. A great running system means you’ll stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

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