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Save Energy in Greenville via Air Conditioning Tune-ups

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greenville-air-conditioning-tune-upDuring the summer, our residential air conditioners are the primary consumers of energy. In this day and age of high energy costs, it is vitally important that our air conditioners operate as efficiently as possible. If your air conditioner is not properly maintained, you could be wasting money trying to cool your Greenville home during the summertime.

According to Energy Star, a volunteer organization aimed at promoting American energy efficiency, one of the best ways to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible is to hire a professional HVAC specialist to conduct yearly air conditioning tune-ups. These tune-ups can result in substantial monetary savings by reducing your energy consumption and by extending the service life of your air conditioner

The air conditioning repair contractors at Stephens Heating & Cooling provide the most exhaustive air conditioning tune-up services in Greenville. Through their expert services, you can feel confident that your family will enjoy the cool comfort they deserve during the Greenville summer. Meanwhile, you can rest assured knowing that you are not wasting energy in order to cool your home.

When to Have an Air Conditioning Tune-up

Although an air conditioning tune-up can result in energy savings at any point in time, the best time of the year to conduct the services is right before the cooling system. If you have your air conditioning properly maintained before it is used, you maximize the resulting energy savings.

Also, by conducting the tune-up before heavy usage, you ensure that your system is in proper condition after its winter dormancy. As such, an air conditioning tune-up right before the cooling system prevents major damage that could result from long periods of non-operation.

Air Conditioning Tune-up Services

The professional air conditioning repair contractors at Stephens Heating & Cooling provide for all aspects of your air conditioning system during their tune-up services. They check your thermostat to ensure accurate and consistent operation. They assess the air flow through your ductwork to make certain that cool air is easily distributed throughout your Greenville home.

Your residential air conditioner is a complicated system with a lot of moving parts. The air conditioning contractors at Stephens Heating & Cooling will lubricate these parts to ensure maximum energy efficiency and protection. If this critical step is not taken regularly, these moving parts can break down quickly, resulting in major energy loss and repair costs.

If your evaporator and condenser coils are dirty, your air conditioner must remain on longer in order to produce the temperatures that your family expects. The air conditioner repair team at Stephens Heating & Cooling will clean these critical systems in order to have your Greenville system operate at peak performance.

The above listed services are just a few of the most common aspects of a routine air condition tune-up. These highly cost-effective assessments and procedures ensure that your family is comfortable all summer long and that you aren’t wasting money cooling your Greenville home.

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