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Are You Ready For the Heat – South Carolina Summer AC Repairs

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South Carolina Summer AC RepairsSummer time is right around the corner, which means it will finally be warm enough to enjoy all manner of outdoor activities. Unfortunately it doesn’t just remain warm, and the heat-index keeps climbing up til being outright uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous. You want to be able to escape the heat when you go indoors, but trying to keep up with demand can have your AC sweating.

The best way to deal with the strain that the summer months are going to put on your AC unit is by making sure that your South Carolina air conditioner is ready and equipped to handle it. The first step you want to take is checking to see that your AC is clean.

With a central air unit this is easy. Go outside and inspect the unit itself, make sure you don’t have any underbrush interfering with it and that it has plenty of room around it for air circulation. Build-up of debris from plant matter can cause problems when your AC is working hard all day and eventually lead to catastrophic failure.

The next step is to turn off the unit’s main power. You should never wash your AC unit while its power is on to avoid electrical shock or potentially damaging the unit itself. Take a hose and soak down the exterior coils of the unit, washing away dust, grime, and build-up that has occurred. If you have a hanging window unit you can handle the problem in a similar fashion, though again you want to make certain it is unplugged before doing so. In this case you’ll remove the unit’s cover before cleaning the coils.

If you have been replacing your AC unit’s filter that is another good DIY method to getting your AC ready for the summer. It is recommended that you replace your filter ever 30 days to keep it clean and efficient. If you fail to do so, particulates will build up that hinder airflow, meaning that your AC cannot cool your home effectively.

Another way you can reduce strain on your system is by giving your AC the day off. If there’s a nice breeze and the weather outside is lovely, try opening windows and shutting your unit down. This way you’re reducing the strain that it would receive during hotter days by avoiding having the unit constantly running. When you leave your home during the summer, move the thermostat up before doing so. By tweaking the thermostat just a little while no one is home, you can help prevent your system from potentially freezing.

Unfortunately, even with all these preventative measures that can help grant prolong the life of your air-conditioner, it still may malfunction during the hottest part of the year. DIY methods are a great way to keep your AC in working shape for longer, but sometimes you may also want to see about scheduling professional maintenance.

The assistance of a South Carolina air conditioning contractor can go a long way to increasing the lifespan of your climate control system. An AC repairman can check for any freon leaks that might be causing efficiency loss, as well as emerging problems with the compressor. Any internal and easily missed issues such as these should be caught before they become a much more expensive problem during the summer. The cheaper alternative to repair is having a professional service your system annually.

In the case that preventative maintenance does not do the trick and you are unfortunate enough to have your AC fail during the hottest part of the year, look into finding a contractor that can schedule an emergency visit, such as those at Stephen’s Heating & Cooling. An experienced and honest contractor will get your system up and running while minimizing drain on the pocketbook. You should never try and handle AC repair on your own and want to get the assistance of a licensed professional for this kind of work. Not only are you dealing with potentially dangerous electrical equipment, but without the proper know-how, you can cause serious damage to your air conditioner that might force you to have it replaced.

Though the idea of saving costs through DIY is tempting, relying on a professional when your AC stops running during the summer is the most effective way to get you and your family back to being comfortable.

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